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LinkedIn Optimisation and search

Optimise your LinkedIn and make people want to connect with you.


CRM Buyers Course – How to choose the right one for your business

Get the free course to help you decide which CRM is right for your Business


Guided CRM Implementation Course

Build your CRM with a Consultant to identify and help you build to your specific needs.


CRM Basic Users Course

CRM basics, data management, filter, search and automation triggers.

What Our Students Have to Say

I am glad I met Avon before I choose a CRM. Avon helped me to define the right solution and the right tool for me and my business. He also offers online courses and ongoing support which make an amazing difference. Avon is driven and very knowledgeable, anything he does delivers value he also has an incredible network. What I like about Avon, is that he is looking to give you the right solution for your needs. I can recommend the team at Relevate to anyone serious about their business growth
Vincent Adrait
Huge thank you to Relevate for guiding us through the selection and initial setup of a CRM system for Recruit 50Plus. There are so many options in the marketplace, and so much functionality it is difficult to know where to start. Relevate helped us simplify this, to choose a path starts were we are and can grow as we grow.
Doug Riddell
Recruit 50+
The Team at Relevate have been exceptional to work with. The knowledge on automation, CRM and systemisation they have is second to none. I have set up a few things with them and it has made life easier all round and more profitable.
Ashley Dawson
Racing 4 Significance
Avon's ability to look into your business (and you, as its driver) is outstanding. He is both analytical and creative, helping you to add the right measure of divergent or convergent thinking to your planning. His team is highly skilled and motivated - beware, they will push your comfort zones to help you succeed.
Jesse Donaghoe
Sweetspot Photography