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Avon Staff asked 8 months ago

I was just going through the Knowledge Base setup and clicked on the Social tab and noticed that it was all linked up to another company. I have since deleted the connection but just wondering how/why company x would be appearing within our account as these are 2 very different and separate companies?
Is there a way we can check that company x is nowhere else to be seen within any of the Apps of our Zoho Account?

Avon Staff replied 8 months ago

Asking for a friend lol.

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Avon Staff answered 8 months ago

When the account is set up you are asked to enter a domain id. This is automatically mapped across the entire system. This is an automatic process and you have to go through every app to update it one by one. This changes the outward facing links but in some cases there are some domain IDs that cannot be changed. Here is an example of changing domain in one of the apps: