Shez asked 8 months ago

How do I manage the adverse effects of an increase in screen time?

Avon Staff replied 8 months ago

Do you mean since covid? and what sort of screen to you mean? As in a mix of monitor, tv and phone?

1 Answers
Avon Staff answered 8 months ago

Screen time since COVID is almost inevitable. Face to face meetings have been replaced with zoom meetings. Screens are everywhere and personal time is again on a screen. One of the major reasons screen time is an issue, is that the eyes focus on a short range for prolonged periods. The eyes are usually used to changing focus distances. Posture is also a issue. You could try the following

  • stop and look around
  • work flexibly and move around
  • use a standing desk
  • apply light filter settings
  • use dark mode

This is not an exhaustive list. Perhaps you might try doing some meetings audio only. Use productivity tools to do your screen work faster etc. In the end it is largely self discipline.